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CRM-SL is advocating for legislative progress in the area of children’s rights. It will work as a catalyst of change, by documenting and reporting all abuses and violations committed against children. Additionally, we will conduct family tracing programs. We will also strive to link street children with their parents or foster families.


CRM-SL firmly believe that quality education is key in overcoming poverty and fueling development. Therefore, we will promote the concept of inclusive education amongst underprivileged children. Our conviction is that education shall lead to crucial positive changes in the lives of these children. Not only will they acquire knowledge, but they will also gain the ability to think independently and choose their actions responsibly. They will acquire the healthy habits, skills and attitudes that characterize socially accepted individuals to achieve our goal. We will provide scholarships and support the renovation or construction of schools, as well as sport and recreational facilities for the above mentioned children at community levels.


We will work towards the prevention of malnutrition and stunting amongst underprivileged children. Our priority will be children under 0-5, as they are the most affected by malnutrition and have the highest mortality rates. Our strategy is to introduce the Integrated Child Development Service (ICDS), involving parents in the prevention of malnutrition since they too have an important role to play.


The issue of access to basic health care services for underprivileged children is our concern and we will tackle it in the following ways:

  • We will do constant health and hygiene awareness campaigns through community health ambassadors, use of media etc.
  • We will conduct medical health camps on regular basis in remote communities for check-ups, including the treatment of curable cases and the referral of other cases to the appropriate bodies.
  • We will pay particular attention to mental health cases, creating awareness about their needs, facilitating referral to specialized institutions.
  • We will also work closely with youth, providing health and sexual education and counseling to adolescents.


CRM-SL will work towards awareness raising and provision of accurate information to children and youth in order to reduce their risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS. This will also include campaigns to combat stigma and discrimination for victims. We will also advocate for community based care and support for children and youth already affected by HIV/AIDS. Moreover, health education through preventive measures will be our area of priority. Free medical facilities will be given to the beneficiary children who will be residents of the rescued village. Community outreach together with field workers will be conducted on regular bases.


As a youth-led organization, we will capacitate youth with new skills of developments for self reliance. We will train them leadership skills and also how to be volunteers in their different communities, We will also train them on the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) with the free software system (Ubuntu).