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Global Youth Service Day 2010 is September 25th 2010

“Addressing the Unfriendly Environmental Measures within Communities in post war Sierra Leone”.

Sierra Leone a country in West Africa, which experienced a decade of brutal armed conflict, is faced with some serious environmental problems affecting the growth and development of communities and their inhabitants. This include deforestation, unsafe management of waste, soil erosion and the pollution of streams which are mostly the only sources of water supply etc. As a result, several problems relating to health are on the increase in many communities especially in the interior parts of the country leading to the loss of lives and properties.

According to our base-line survey, a system of having a waste management system put in place is highly needed within communities in the above mentioned country. The amount of garbage littered around the surrounding is really high as there is no mechanism put in place to control it.

Therefore, on Saturday September 25th 2010, undertaking a one-day community clean-up campaign where we will recruit friends and volunteers through our sensitization and clean-up trips, in order to make them aware of the dangers of garbage being littered all around.

This event is organized in order to join friends from all over the world on that day to celebrate the 2010 Global Youth Service Day. The venue for the implementation of this project will be in, Koindu town, Konio Section, Kissy Teng Chiefdom, Kailahun District, Eastern Region, Sierra Leone, West Africa.

We are undertaking this project so as to address the continuous and un-addressed environmental problems affecting the above community. This is so because, we are great lovers of the environment and its inhabitants as we will also bringing on board other friends so that they too will love the environment just for it protection at all levels.

In order for us to achieve the above, we will be starting with some sensitizations program of community members, schools, parents, traders etc on environmental protection measures. By this, we will be able to get others on board the campaigns including volunteers. Furthermore, we will on this same day do the collection of of all community waste littered on the ground to a safe disposal site. At the same time, open up all drainages and clear the streams of all wastes being disposed there.

These steps is taken to address the unfriendly environmental measures being used within the community, which are in no way helpful to the safety or protection of the environment or communities. For instance, we want to establish a safety management of waste which will include safe collection and disposal of wastes which is actually one big problem currently affecting the environment and its inhabitants. We hope to introduce a sustainable environmental measures that will contribute to the development of the environment.

The climax of this event will be the establishment of waste collection centers as well as waste disposal sites within the community and COMMUNITY ENVIRONMENTAL AMBASSADORS (CEA), comprising young energetic youths who will effectively engage members of the community in the above mentioned issues.


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