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The Child Rescue Mission (CRM) Sierra Leone is a non-governmental, not for profit and non-political organization registered with the Government of Sierra Leone through the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs. It was founded in June 2009 by a group of social activists who are passionate about bringing positive social changes in the lives of marginalized young people in Sierra Leone and the world at large. CRM aimed at rescuing marginalized young children from extreme poverty through the Rescue Village Project, which is to provide them with learning and other social facilities which includes: primary school, a clinic and recreational facilities, starting in Koindu town, Kailahun District, Eastern part of Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Group of Children in a field
Children in the field on some sporting activities


CRM’s mission is to rescue disadvantaged young persons from extreme poverty, who are living in slums, market places and other polluted areas in post war Sierra Leone. We will also be a catalyst of change for marginalized young persons by safe-guarding their future, as well as through the provision of their basic social necessities.


Our five core values stand for everything we do and are reflected in all our actions. They are: Child first, Teamwork, Accountability, Equality and Excellence.


      Means to us that the interests and the development of children is our top priority. Their interests are at the core of all our investments in money, labour and communication.

        • TEAMWORK:

          Means to us that we always take decisions and act in union and with collective effort in the interest of children. Our team is unique because of our common understanding and commitment towards the above cause.

            • ACCOUNTABILITY:

              Means to us that we will be fully reliable to our donors, beneficiaries, partners, collaborators, etc.

                • EQUALITY:

                  Means to us tat we give the same rights and respect to everyone, regardless of their nationality, gender, age, color, status or disability.

                    • EXCELLENCE:

                      Means to us that we always aim at the highest standard of quality in our work and communication. Our organization will strive to achieve continuous progress by being self-critical and open to feedback.