Together in Search of Solutions!


Global Youth Service Day


Sierra Leone, in West Africa with an area of 71,740 sq km (27,699 sq miles), emerged from a decade of brutal civil war in 2002, that devastated much of the infrastructure and have impoverished the people. Its total Population is about 5.7 million (UN, 2009). Sierra Leone is rank one of the lowest income earning country in the world. This country has experienced substantial economic growth in recent years, although poverty and unemployment remain major challenges.


Motto: “Together in Search of Solution”


We believe that the persistent sufferings of young marginalized persons in Sierra Leone is a man made problem which can be reversed with our collective effort and commitment.

Therefore, we envision communities:

  1. WHERE all children are valued and respected;
  2. WHERE all children are given equal rights and opportunities regardless of their status;
  3. WHERE all children’s voices are heard and listened to for their advancement at all levels.


CRM’s mission is to rescue disadvantaged young persons from extreme poverty, who are living in slums, market places and other polluted areas in post war Sierra Leone.

We will also be a catalyst of change for marginalized young persons by safeguarding their future, as well as through the provision of their basic social necessities.

Aims and Objectives

Our aims and objectives are:

  1. Provision of an enabling environment for disadvantaged children through the establishment of a residential home for them that will be called as Rescue Village
  2. Provision of free medical and educational facilities for 100 street children, resident of the rescue village
  3. Provision of vocational training in tailoring for 10 children so as to be self reliance and be supported with a start-up kits.

The rescue Village will have the following facilities:

  1. Child resource and recreational center
  2. A psychosocial section for counseling and rehabilitation of these children because of the extreme abuses they might have gone through.

As a matter of fact, Sierra Leone and Liberia has gone through a brutal civil conflict that has great effect on the children within the sub region. Most of there parents were killed during the war, poverty is another socio-economic war that has destroyed the lives of these children and the only way they can survive is to go to the street and beg for there leaving.


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